Life is unfair

It is. There’s just too much good in it. Unfairly good & greatness. :)

I did an intensive curse in coaching NLP with Cătălin ZAHARIA – inspirational model in structured communication, for me; and top speaker – Get a result now!.

This evening I was reminded about an exercise I did with him. He was talking and making the participants talk to the younger them.

And I communicated, in my thoughts, with Olivian I was at 3-4 years old. And that feeling was so intense. And remembering the exercise this evening was also intense, although this exercise only kept the format (making me think about things).

It was one of the most intense pleasures I’ve felt. Talking to me, when I was little.

I repeat – life is unfairly good. There’s too much good. Too much. Unfairly much amount of goodness.

And tonight I was remembered of this.

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