Corporate Orthodoxy

  • I don’t like the bureaucracy.
  • I think there may be something into having good rules.

  • A lot of the rules in the Corporate world have bureaucratic rules.
  • A lot of the rules in Orthodoxy tend to become, after a while, bureaucratic. Non-sense, things you don’t need, things which are not useful to either the creator or the user.


  • A specificity I notice both in Corporate people and in Orthodox people is the lack of rule-breaking. In Romania, we have word which describe a sort of acid sarcasm which is funny – “caterincă”. Mocking the joke itself. Mocking everything. Well, I don’t think that in either Corporations and Church you can have caterincă. It’s just not right. “Damn the devil!” may be a good phrase in a movie, but it’s not fit for Orthodoxy. There are things which you may not do in a Corporation. You can be anti-system, you can be in the system, but you just can’t ignore the system. The system is either positive or negative. you can’t ignore it!
  • I think that actually applying Corporate & Orthodox rules will be a challenge I am willing to accept. :)

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