2011.01.031 What made me happier in January?

In January 2011, I think I was pretty happy due to the reasons below.

2011.01.02: I enjoy having passed another year, being better than the last year, being happier;
2011.01.06: I like the snow, the good music, the calmness of Năvodari;
2011.01.08: The new sports program for 2010, the activities I’ve done so far and my job makes me enjoy the New Year;
2011.01.10: The fact that I’ve had some time to write some messages on my blogs, the ideas for new messages and how my blogs look like give me a thrill;
2011.01.12: I like having principles, a goal in life and some good objectives;
2011.01.14: I like to get a job done, I enjoy discovering things, finding out the good in people;
2011.01.17: I enjoy listening to good music (it’s an allowed pleasure), seeing movies with good averages on IMDb, reading;
2011.01.19: I am happy for the town I was born, the country I live in and the people that surround me;
2011.01.21: Slow music, classical music, modern music – they all make me enjoy life more;
2011.01.24: The people I’ve met, the people with whom I’m friends, the people I haven’t met – they all make me happy;
2011.01.26: I consider myself lucky, I tend to work hard when I put my mind into something, I trust life will be just fine;
2011.01.28: It’s very nice that I do what I like, I can experiment and learn new things;
2011.01.31: I’m looking forward to the new month, I’ve done some tasks planned for January, still more to come and I’m looking forward to them;

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